Model 919® Automated Moisture Tester

Item #: SP21_023LM
$278.00 Starting Price $2,783.00 Retail Price includes GST $10.00 Increment Amount

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The fastest Model 919® ever! No temperature measurement or conversion charts required. Tests hot and cold grain at temps. above & below the paper charts. Commodity is selected, Sample is pre-weighed & grain is dumped in the tester by the user. Same accurate Model 919® results are displayed on a large easy to read liquid crystal display. Displays sample temperature, dial drum reading & percent moisture for quick comparison to a classic or regular Model 919®. USB port for logging of data from each individual test for later viewing in Excel spreadsheet. RS-232 printer port for optional printer. Completely portable with optional battery pack for use in the field. Developed, manufactured & serviced in Canada! 2 year warranty. FOB Winnipeg, MB.