Duck Foot

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The 6” paddle tines quickly slip over the existing tines and attach to the reel pipe of a MacDon header.  The Duck Foot feeds thin, short or specialty crops that standard tines can miss and helps keep the cutter bar clean, reducing grain loss and improving yield.  By feeding the crop more evenly, the combine operator can increase ground speed as well as decrease reel speed, further preventing shelling and stripping.  It has proven to be beneficial in a variety of crops including soybeans, lentils, chickpeas and edible beans, cereals, straight cut canola, lupins as well as for haying.  It’s easy to install with no tools required.  Fastening ties such as cable tie, rebar tie or hose clamp are required (not included).  A set of 205 will outfit all headers.  Shipping included. *These Duck Feet are last year’s model.  They do not include the newly designed clip and will have to be secured with a fastening tie as listed above.