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Dimo’s Model 919® Automated Smart Chart II

Item #: FL18_091
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Closed Nov. 19 2018 9:00 pm
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NO MORE PAPER CHARTS. Select commodity, enter sample temp & dial drum number & the % moisture is displayed. Paper chart temps are limited to between 11 & 30 °C. Benefit: Increases measuring range of Model 919® by allowing users to enter temps above 30 °C or below 0 °C. ACCESSORIES include: 1) hand held probe to measure, display & auto input the sample temp directly into the smart chart. 2) portable 10’ Infra-Red Digital bin probe to instantly measure & display the temp of stored grain on the Smart Chart II. 3) NEW rigid 10’ wireless multi-zone bin probe. 2×5 foot sections with 2 temp sensors on each section for a total of 4 temp sensors. Allows you to monitor stored grain temps at various levels inside the bin without having to plug into display unit. A transmitter on the handle of the probe wirelessly transmits temp data to be displayed on a New Smart Charts II. Test weight conversion charts are also installed in the unit. Simply choose your commodity, enter the grams per 0.5L & the lbs/
bu & kg/hL are displayed. FOB Winnipeg, MB