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AGI Envirotank Smooth Wall Bin

Item #: SP19_009
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Closed Apr. 01 2019 9:00 pm
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Model 1520, 15 ft. 3 inch diameter x 20 ft. Side wall, 3684 bushels, 135 ton (123 metric ton), bin height 34 ft., min auger required 61 ft. It includes the following standard features; spiral weld, smooth wall construction; high grade urethane coated exterior; hollow structural steel legs and bracing; steeper 38 degree bottom cone; rounded vented green hat lid; AGI’s green hat steel lid opener to open the lid safely from the ground; 24 inch top opening; rack & pinion center opening chute with extended crank handle; side wall and roof ladder. It comes with the following accessories; epoxy coated interior; bottom manway; steel skid foundation. All items FOB Biggar, SK.