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Ag Shield FLEX-END™ Cross Auger For 35′ MacDon Header

Item #: SP19_011
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Closed Apr. 01 2019 9:00 pm
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Ag Shield Cross Augers provide the best harvest experience on the market. Our augers seamlessly follow the movement of a flex header with the patent-pending Flex-End™ Technology. The patented Stripper Bar maximizes crop flow into the auger and our 45° Swept-Back Paddles minimize wrapping for a less frustrating harvest. Ag Shield Cross Augers minimize maintenance with features like our Center Chain Coupler that eliminates high-wear parts like u-joints and rubber mounts. Ag Shield Cross Augers are easy to install and are available for any model of Rigid or Flex header. Features: Model 410035 for 35′ MacDon Headers (D60, D65, D135, FD70, FD75, FD135); Flex-End™ Technology (fluid auger movement); Patented Stripper Bar (maximum flow); Center Chain Coupler (minimal maintenance); 45° Swept-Back Paddles; 6″ OD Pipe with full 3″ high flighting; Coarser 16″ Pitch (reduced rpm and minimizes wrapping); Hydraulic-driven motors with independent speed control; Complete bolt-on kit for simple installation. Part # 410035; FOB, Benito, MB.