8″ x 46′ Truckload Auger

Item #: SP21_001CM
$2,681.00 Starting Price $26,181.00 Retail Price includes GST $100.00 Increment Amount

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This Meridian HD 8×46 truck load auger is fully equipped and includes factory set-up of the auger with full assembly and installation of the following items. Kohler 26.5 HP gas engine, tires/rims, fuel tank, spring loaded belt tensioner, Meridian auger mover, reversing hardware kit, LED light package, electric clutch, shovel kit, battery/cables, and hydraulic oil. The auger can be picked up at any Meridian setup yard in Western Canada. The winning bidder will be allowed to trade for any Meridian or Convey-All product to ensure the unit best meets their needs. Please call Regina at 800-667-5904 for more details.