$5,000 Gift Certificate – Redeemable towards any of the products in the 2021 Dutch Opener catalogue.

Item #: SP21_007HS
$500.00 Starting Price $5,000.00 Retail Price includes GST $10.00 Increment Amount

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Redeem your $5,000 Gift Certificate towards any of the products in the 2021 Dutch Opener catalogue. Dutch Openers is your farm’s seeding and fertilizer partner. No matter your drill, shank, application practices, or soil condition there is a Dutch Opener for you and your farm. Visit: dutchopeners.com and view or download the catalogue. Not sure which opener is best for your operation? The Dutch Opener’s ‘Build Your Opener’ online application is a great place to start and is available on the Dutch Openers website. If you have any questions about our products, contact Jason Steinley at 306-781-4820 or email: jsteinley@dutchopeners.com The successful bidder should contact Jason Steinley to book their order. These Gift Certificates are only valid at Dutch Openers head office, they can not be redeemed at a Dutch Openers dealer or retailer.