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13 inch Never Spill Spout – New with ALL FULL BIN ALARM SPOUTS: LED Lights instead of Halogen Lights

Item #: SP19_101
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Closed Apr. 01 2019 9:00 pm
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THREE IN ONE: 1. Auger Spout, 2. Full Bin Alarm, 3. LED Night Light. Proven design since 2003. Safety – no need to climb high bin ladders anymore! Prevents overfilling of grain bins and plugging augers! 12 Volt LED light – for night operation and Power check! No Snag Spout-bright orange, better visibility at night. Highly audible weatherproof double alarm. Alarms will sound when bin is full (if one breaks, there is a backup!) No need for individual indicators for each bin! 7 Prong plug – plugs in standard tractor plug outlet. Never Needs Batteries. Proven enclosed diaphragm sensor. Heavy duty construction – prevents damage to unit. Double insulated wires for long life. At pinch point – wire is fed through Plastic hose for protection. Easy to install. In the past 5 years, 50% of our sales have come from recommendations. 2017, 70% of our sales have come from repeats sales, recommendations and referral from neighbors, friends or family. Shipping included.