What if I forget my ‘Password’?

From the ‘Login Page’ select ‘Forgot Your Password’. You will be asked to enter your email, user name, and home telephone number and select ‘Submit’. The Auction Committee will then email your password to you immediately.

What if I move, change my telephone number or my email after setting up an account?

Please call or email the Auction Committee and clearly state you would like to update your contact information. You can find the Auction Committee contact information at https://producerauction.com/contact

What if I submitted the account set up form but didn’t receive a confirmation email?

Please call or email the Auction Committee and clearly state whom you are and that you have not received an email confirmation. You can find the Auction Committee contact information at https://producerauction.com/contact

Why do you require a valid credit card to set up an account?

The Auction Committee requires a valid credit card to secure your bid however the credit card is not processed at that time. Upon winning an item(s) at the end of the auction, you will be contacted by the Auction Committee. At that time you may wish to make payment via credit card and your credit card will only be processed with your permission. There are various options for payment listed in the auction rules.


Am I bound in any way when placing a bid?

YES!!!! Each individual bid is consider a legally binding offer to purchase the particular item at a price NOT exceeding the Proxy Bid. For further explanation you may contact the Auction Committee by email.

Can I retract a bid?

Under no circumstances will retraction of a bid be allowed. For further explanation you may contact the Auction Committee by email.

I wanted to increase my existing Proxy Bid and when I did the leading bid also increased. Why?

Every ‘valid’ bid increases the price of the leading bid (by at least the bid increment) irrespective of whether you are the leading bidder or already submitted a Proxy bid. That is why it is very important to choose your ‘Proxy Bid’ carefully.

In the case of multi-item listings what happens when I bid on more then one item?

The auction often has multiple listings of the same item and you may bid on more then one of these items. However, please remember that at the end of the auction if you are the leading bidder on three items where reserve met is ‘yes’ that means you have won three items. Each item has an individual item number, and therefore they should be treated as individual products.

Where do I place my Proxy Bid?

It does not matter whether you call it a ‘Proxy Bid’, ‘Bid Amount’ or ‘Proxy Bid’ ALL bids are placed in the same bid box located near the top left corner of each item page.

Why is there an ‘Opening Bid’ when the item cannot be sold for less than the Reserve Price?

Our auction is set up much the same way as many ‘Live Auctions’ where the items must reach the reserve price in order to be sold. Traditionally these ‘Live Auctions’ have an opening bid less then the reserve price to initiate bidding.


Are the items new?

YES! All items in the auction are brand new unless otherwise indicated on the item page or in the auction rules.

Does my bid include tax?

NO!! Successful bidders will be responsible for all applicable taxes on the items they purchase at their winning bid.

How does the auction work?

Rather than a live auction like you’re probably used to, this is more like a silent auction. Instead of an auctioneer taking bids, there is an Auction Committee that oversees the entire bidding process. Instead of a number of people trying to outbid each other one after another, people submit their Maximum Bid; the computer stores the amount and submits bids for you according to a predetermined set of auction rules that are in the top menu bar under the heading ‘Auction Rules’. The benefit of this type of auction is not having to constantly submit one bid after another when you are outbid and, consequently, not having to follow the auction minute by minute as it unfolds (in a multi-day auction that would be very time consuming!) When the auction is finished, the person who has submitted the highest bid will buy the item for that amount plus applicable taxes.

What is a Unique ID?

The published Unique ID of a bidder is the way to protect the identity of a high bidder in an auction while still letting that bidder know their status. The Unique ID code consists of the initials of the bidder and the last three digits of that bidder’s home phone number. Unique ID’s are located in the category list as well as the bid page under the heading ‘Leading Bidder’.

What is a ‘Bid Increment’?

A bid increment is the ‘minimum’ value that must added to the ‘leading bid’ in order place a ‘valid bid’ in our auction system. Bid increments are displayed in the category list as well as the item page.

What is a ‘Reserve Price’?

Each item has a reserve price. In the event that there are no bids for an item equal to or greater than this price when the auction ends, the item may not be sold to the high bidder. The reserve prices range from 50% and greater of the actual retail price of the item. The reserve prices are fixed values that have been set by the Auction Committee and will not be altered after bidding is underway.

What is Proxy Bidding?

Under our proxy bidding system you state the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item. This is known as your Proxy Bid or Bid Amount. Your Proxy Bid may not necessarily be the price you pay (you may pay less, never more). Only you and the Auction Committee know this amount. The computer stores this amount and will automatically place bids against competitors on your behalf, but only enough (Bid Increment for the item) to keep you the Leading Bidder. This will go on until the item’s Leading Bid EXCEEDS your Proxy Bid.
Once your Proxy Bid or Bid Amount has been exceeded you will need to make a decision on whether or not you are willing to re-bid and try to become the leading bidder again.

What is ‘My Bid History’?

My bid history helps you effortlessly track bids that you have made in the auction. ‘Leading Bidder’ lists all the items you are ‘currently’ the leading bidder on along with current leading bid totals excluding applicable taxes. ‘Bidding History’ list all ‘valid’ or accepted bids that you have made in the auction and a quick link to re-bid on the items. The bid status refers to the status (Leading Bid or Outbid) at that particular moment and can change at any time. ‘Leading Bidder’ information can change at any moment so remember to ‘refresh’ the screen.

What is ‘Reserve Met’?

Reserve met tells you whether or not the reserve price for an item has been met. Reserve met may have one of two values:

RESERVE MET: NO – The value of the highest bid is less than the reserve amount and the item will not be sold.
RESERVE MET: YES – The value of the highest bid is at least the reserve amount. The item will be sold. Please note that any Proxy Bid placed which exceeds the reserve will automatically be displayed at the reserve price value.

Who is eligible to participate?

Bidding is open to anyone 18 years of age or over. Employees of participating businesses may bid, but not on items that are provided by their respective companies.

Why participate?

Besides the fact that you may never again have the opportunity to buy items like the ones we’re featuring at such UNHEARD OF SAVINGS, bidding is competitive, exciting and fun!

Post Auction

How do I know if I’m the winning bidder?

After the auction closes you will be notified by email and phone. You may also call our call centre at 1-800-667-7770 and ask one of our auction team members.

How do I pay for the item(s) I have won in the Auction?

Payments may be accepted by certified cheque, money order, Visa or MasterCard. (For larger ticket items winners are expected to make the appropriate arrangements for payment/financing). If paying by business or personal cheque, please allow extra days for clearance of the cheque before the certificate can be released and the item(s) to be picked up.

What happens if I’m the winning bidder on an item?

Please refer to our auction rules under under payment rules https://producerauction.com/help/rules

Where do I pick up the item I won?

After payment is made in full, you may pick up or arrange delivery of the item(s) you have won from the respective sponsor’s location of business, which is outlined on the rules page of the auction site. The proper documentation (certificate) must be presented to the sponsor for the item(s) to be released. The Western Producer auction staff will inform you of the documentation needed.

Will I win the item if I’m the leading bidder and the reserve has NOT been met?

No, ALL items must reach the specified reserve price listed on the item page in order for the item to be sold.

Search For Item

Can I search by item number?

YES, simply click on advanced search, type in the item number and hit enter


How do I know the site is safe?

The ‘Login’ and ‘Create a new account’ page information that is entered is transferred and stored on an SSL 128-bit encrypted server. Think of it like an armoured truck service, moving valuable data from one location to another under high security.